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Whatever Happened To? / Teasing Bernie
June 15, 2016, 02:37:19 PM
Not sure how many people remember this guy  -   started out on the big stage at Del Mar, Hollywood Park and initially trained by Doug O'Neill.
He was involved in nasty spill at Santa Anita in 2012 and laid on the track for a spell before he got up and was vanned off. Began to rapidly drop in the ranks and now races at Chippewa Downs in bottom of the barrel claimers. He hit the deck again in his last race of 2015, and I suspected that retirement would be near.

I know that there were a few who followed him, and I'm happy to report that he made it back to the winners circle for the first time in more than
4 years this past Sunday (6/12/16) in his first race of 2016, and stuffed $1,200 in his pocket!  :happy: