🏇 MIDWEEK MAYHEM 5/24 🏆RESULTS 🏆 Horseshoe Indianapolis 🐎

Started by RUFFIAN, May 25, 2023, 11:29:26 AM

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Good Afternoon And Welcome To
                        Midweek Mayhem At Horseshoe Indianapolis

               😸   We have a very exciting Feature Event   😺
                       ZIPPY RUNS FOR THE ELUSIVE 3-PEAT     
                                  "   HISTORY OR HEARTBREAK 💔 "
                                     FAME OR FROSTED WHISKER

8 Contentious Capable Challengers Run To Determine The Outcome

             The Nimble 9 Are In The Gate
         Ready to Make History Or Prevent It

                               AND AWAY THEY GO
           IN THE  " HISTORY 🏆  OR HEARTBREAK " 💔

It's A Frisky Foursome Leading the field into the turn
         Ruffian 🐆 Digger 🪓 Blunny 🐰 Real Quiet 🤫

                        OUT OF THE TURN THEY COME

It is now Real Quiet 🤫 running away with the lead
Blunny and Digger about 5 Lenghs behind the front running Colt
                         Ruffian after  jumping a shadow 🙀
       Is now losing all early momentum dropping far back

Dusty is another 10 Lengths Behind the front running trio

Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃 + Cruzan are another several Lenghs back

Ruffian 🐆 Is next with AEA on her Tail

Meanwhile          ~      Meandering along in the Slow lane
                         Double defending champion Zippy
But showing no signs yet Of winning the elusive 3-Peat

                               AT THE TOP OF THE STRETCH

Real Quiet 🤫 having everything go his own way so far
With nobody challenging his Supurr Sonic Show of speed

The Energizer Bunny 🐰 Is NEXT
               And  the closest to a challenge but not that close

Digger is another several Lengths back
               With another huge gap to the rest of the runners
Dusty,    Cruzan, AEA, Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃 Ruffian 🐆+ Zippy

                       AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME

Real Quiet 🤫 Putting on an exhibition of Excellence
The contentious Colt Has separated himself from the rest of the field
       Giving the impression we are watching two separate races

         Real Quiet in a dazzling demonstration of Supremacy
                            8 Others playing = Catch The Colt

Suddenly A huge outburst from the crowd
    All eyes turning away from Real Quiet

Up The Track A Fierce Flamboyant Filly Fury in Flight 🙀
            Ruffian has released her Inner Cheetah 🐆
                 Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃 Roaring With her

But can the Frisky Feline Fillys
                  Catch The Runaway Real Quiet 🤫

                           Glancing back over his shoulder
Hearing the thundering hooves of the Double Threat coming

With dynamic Determination deciding enough is enough
              Turning up the heat     firing on all cylinders

 Leaving no doubt in anybody's mind who is the best today

Defending 2-Time champion Zippy
          Never in contention to win the coveted 3-Peat 😿
                 Finishing last will earn a Frosted Whisker 🏆
             And A Yo-Yo-Dude Award = DC To Dog 🐕 House 

                            🏆     OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH   🏆
                          HISTORY 🏆🏆🏆  OR   HEARTBREAK 💔

🏆REAL QUIET 🤫 $130.50 🏆
                    Dazzling Display Of Supremacy
                                         Also Earns = YO YO DUDE 🏆
Finishing Last Previously 😿
                    To The Winner 🏆 Circle ⭕️ Today

RUFFIAN 🐆 $60.40 👰�♀️
               Supurr Sonic Speedy Cheetah 🐆 But
                                  Too Little Too Late 😾

TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $59.40 🌺
               Where's A Buck 🦌 When Ya  Need One 😼

BLUNNY 🐰 $57.30 💍
Off To His Usual " Home Away From Home " aka THE SHIRE
   To Meet Up With Gandalf and track down The Precious 💍

          🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇 ALSO RAN 🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇

DIGGER 🪓 $49.60

DUSTY 🪶 $26.80

CRUZAN 🏍   $22.20

AEA 🐯 $20.10

DC x 2 = 🏆🏆  ZIPPY $12.20 🙀
             No 3-Peat  😿
                 Does Earn = 🏆FROSTED WHISKER AWARD 🏆
And YO-YO-DUDE   ( Previously Defending Champion to Last )
            Dog 🐕 House Buffet Awaits = MilkBone + Rawhide 🍖

We now bid farewell to Indiana
       Where history could have been made
                     Real Quiet 🤫 steals all of the glory
                                As the rest of the runners all fade

               🐯  MAY THE PURRRRR BE WITH YOU  😻

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NICE WIN REAL QUIET...GOOD JOB!!! Thanks for scoring Lady Cat...great job!!! :thanks: