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Twas The Night Before Christmas
The Barn Was A-Buzzzzz
With Whinnies And Nickers
'Cause That's What Horse Does!

The Legend Was Echoed
Through All Of The Walls
Excitement Was Mounting
In All Of The Stalls!

The Weanlings, In Wonder
Had Heard Of The Tale
As They All Gathered Round
To Munch On A Bale!

The Fillies, The Geldings,
The Stallions And Mares
Then Told Of The Legend
Amidst Wide Eyed Stares

When All Of A Sudden
They Heard On The Roof
The Flutter Of Wings
The Landing Of Hoof!

His Wings How They Glistened
His Whinny So Proud
As He Entered The Barn
Astounding The Crowd.....

Who Stood There Awaiting
The Pegasus Dear
The Truth Of The Legend
Was Blatantly Clear!

The Rider Descended
From Pegasus' Back
His Hat And His Boots
Were Glistening Black

His Spurs How They Jingled
With A Wonderful Song
That Would Echo In Memories
For All The Year Long!

He Gave Out The Gifts
Of Carrots And Treats
Then Sprang To His Saddle
For A Hasty Retreat....


For The Hour Was Late
And He Just Had To Leave
But Now, All The Weanlings
Would Finally Believe!

And As Pegasus Flew Then
Away In The Night
The Horses Enchanted
By The Wondrous Sight

Had Hearts Filled With Joy
And The Barn Filled With Love
And Mares Will Tell Foals
Of Pegasus From Above!

(C) Ruffian / Lady Cat

~~Graphics By: TIGER DANCER~~

"No matter what may come ~
    Face the Music ... and ... Dance"


 :thanks:Merry Christmas to all
call no man happy till he dies. ~SOLON~