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R1  3-5-1
R2  2-4-6
R3  3-5-4
R4  6-4-2
R5  2-7-3
R6  2-6-4
R7  3-9-8
R8  1-4-3
R9  1-3-2
R10  10-3-8

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Character Analysis John Galt

Galt is the hero and main character of Atlas Shrugged, because his principles drive the action and the conflict of the story. The book explores what occurs when the thinkers go on strike. Galt conceives of the strike, initiates it, sustains it, and carries it to a successful resolution. Part of the fascination of Atlas Shrugged is that its dominant character works behind the scenes, his existence unknown to the reader, for the first two-thirds of the novel. The question invoking his name lends a legendary quality to his character, as if he were, in part, a mythological being. In a universe populated with giants, his is the character of greatest stature. The mystery shrouding the story's unfolding conflict results from the choices he makes. The strike is necessarily secretive, so the disappearance of the world's great thinkers must be a mystery to everyone outside of Galt's circle.

You cannot view this attachment.
R1  2-9-5
R2  8-11-3
R3  8-4-3
R4  12-10-6
R5  14-2-12
R6  11-9-8
R7  8-9-5
R8  9-2-1
R9  5-3-2
R10  9-4-1
R11  1-8-10
R12  12-10-8

R1 2-10-11
Tio, Perfect, Gagoots
R2  4-3-6
Sweet, Honor, Journey
R3  3-2-10
Monster, Ana, Lilly
R4  8-9-7
Apollo, Leah, Almafuerte
R5  7-4-1
Easter, Public, Latin
R6  3-6-1
Mystery, Land, Richies
R7  7-2-5
Morning Line, Magic, Lauda
R8  11-8-1
Icecap, Chill, Pirate

R1  2-1-3
Crow, Hero, Blader
R2  9-1-7
Alexa, Moral, Adiva
R3  4-1-6
Beauty, Social, Foxes
R4  6-1-5
Gold, Right, Jet
R5  8-11-3
Seal, Embrace, Caramel
R6  4-8-5
Golden, Charcoal, Gear
R7  8-5-9
Joyful, Sconsin, Happy
R8  5-2-1
Glory, Princess, Vigilante
R9  8-2-3
Newgate, Loggins, Honed
R10  8-12-3
Annapolis, Set Piece, Australia
R11  2-10-9
Old Point, Cape, Peruvian

Congrats Ruffian.  Clearly my highly scientific strategy of picking, in order, the 3rd longest ML choice, the 2nd and the longest shot (with a couple exceptions for real no-hopers and switched my 1st race pick right before post because live odds were much higher than ML plus expensive mother, highly desirable BM sire and cool name) did not work out.  I'll have to try another strategy next week.   :banghead:  :))
R1  2-5-8-6
Devil Moon, Lord, Time, Key
R2  6-2-1
Master, Saturday, Equilove
R3  6-2-5
Cash, Breakpoint, Terror
R4  5-6-1
Anacapa, Tiger, Daughter
R5  5-6-4
Prince, Kanderel, Tarantino
R6  4-3-5
None, How, Ocho
R7  3-9-7
Goliad, Tango, Run
R8  3-8-1
High, Andy, Azul
R9  3-8-4
Lexington, Tezzaray, Countess
R10  10-3-12
Ragtime, Poetica, Gone
BP R9  4-1-8
Seven, Noble, Value
CD R10  4-1-6
Strike, King, Chief

R1  15-5-2-12
Bat, Check, Eyes, Didinger
R2  10-14-9
Foggy, Alibi, Majestic
R3  5-7-9
Roses, Malibu, Sting
R4  5-1-9
Sombra, Midnight, Marion
R5  6-4-2
Gordian, 90, Hello
R6  6-8-1
New, Leader, Chub
R7  2-8-1
Control, Derby, Don't
R8  8-2-7
Fearless, River, Reds
R9  5-2-8
Uncle, Surprise, Tocsin
R10  3-11-14
Provocateur, Nakatomi, Scaramouche
R11  6-2-3
Secret, Adare, Goddess
R12  6-5-1
Wethepeople, Cyberknife, Zandon
R13  3-1-7
Irish, Buy, Chill

R1  10-1-12-3
Graphene, Storm, Regimental, Mark
R2  1-4-9-10
Push Button, Midnight, Bargain, Inbound
R3  11-10-5-1
Golden, Sister, Traveler, Gone
R4  9-8-1-5
Wings, Arro, Class, Runner
R5  5-10-2-3
Ghost, Cavalry, Pixelate, Field Pass
R6  13-3-2-6
Alejandro, Freedom, Back, Peekacho
R7  12-9-5-3
Black Forest, Goldblood, Love Tank, Secrets
R8  8-4-3-2
Princess, Lady, Woods, Country
R9  2-7-4-3
Gum, Gregorian, Charcoal, Necker
R10 3-10-11-12
Temple, Mystery, Rogue, Highest
R11  3-2-1-4
Jouster, Violenza, Storm, Brooke
R12  6-11-1-3
Invasion, Coinage, Midnight, Tejano

R1  9-3-5
Impeccability, Gold, Rocket
R2  3-1-8
Fighter, Madness, Upgrade
R3  6-5-4
Mark, Strong, Tiwanaku
R4  3-2-1
Annapolis, Piqua, Celestial
R5  11-1-6
Chairman, Wind, Leddy
R6  2-7-9
Mindtap, Wolf, Dream
R7  5-1-8
Power, Entry, Shadow
R8  8-10-3
Valdez, Crupi, Ride
R9  4-2-10
Sanctuary, Analyze, Target
R10  4-3-6
Goddess, Virginia, Terror
R11  8-3-5
Dynamic, Untreated, Revolution
R12  5-3-10
Angel, Breadwinner, Midnight
R13  11-8-2
Quick, Malibumoon, Bunty

R1  6-3-7
King, Verify, Standard
R2  7-8-5
America, Jimmy, Triple
R3  1-2-4
Hill, Journey, Munning
R4 5-2-4
Technical, Lemista, Fluffy
R5 7-3-5
Snow, Jackie, Wish
R6  10-2-5
Misbehaved, Life, Baltasar
R7  1-5-3
Entry, Ranger, Discreet
R8  8-6-9
Gunite, JC, Accretive
R9  3-5-1
Clairiere, Malathaat, Letruska
R10  8-3-6
Soldier, Broome, Gufo
R11  4-6-5
Gilded, Epicenter, Artorius
R12  5-2-7
Mischief, Feathers, Mackjack
R13  2-4-1
Invincible, Wicked, Parnac

R1  7-6-2
Guns, Street, Sebaray
R2  4-5-6
Spooky, Starship, U
R3  4-7-3
Outlaw, Steinbeck, Waters
R4  6-5-3
Macha, Shin, Cara
R5  9-6-2
Wolf, Activist, Conversing
R6  6-8-5
Dangerous, Rhymes, Blute
R7  2-7-3
Rocket, Game, Courage
R8  5-8-3
Dolce, Koala, Victor
R9  7-6-1
Illegal, McKay, Change
R10  7-3-2
Secret, Gerry, Goddess
R11  6-9-4
Flash, Cruise, Wicked
MTO  16-15-6
Corkman, Air Show, Flash
Congrats Cruzan!!

Sorry I don't do mud or even slightly soft turf, checked forecast ahead of time and saw no rain, then, it rained. :( Good thing I put in my betting rules way early on to never, ever ever bet off tracks, even a little bit off, has to be fast and firm for me, so I didn't lose any real money.  And I'm back this week and there better not be rain!!  :)
R1  4-6-3
Mullingar, Moon, Cara's Prince
R2  7-8-3
Toosweet, Tekila, Madame
R3  3-5-8
Quality Stones, Clever, Beautiful
R4  8-3-6
Turn, Ocean, Wicked
R5  7-3-5
Sands, South, Dyna
R6  6-5-4
Rocket, Wadsworth, Arthur
R7  1-4-5
Terror, Flanigan, Key
R8  5-1-4
Fluid, Perfect, Prince
R9  5-2-6
November, Silver, Peppers
R10  4-1-5
Olympiad, Revolution, Happy
R11  3-8-9
Emmanuel, Dog, Causeway
R12  7-2-9
Walk, MIssion, Biondi

WV Derby:

King, Brew, Skippy

Quote from: RUFFIAN on August 04, 2022, 11:24:55 AM#1 = YOU GET ALL
           IF U JUST WANT PART
                        #1a ONLY
Cool, glad we can do that here!  I don't like coupled entries partly because it's usually impossible to predict a day or two ahead of time which or if both will run and lots of times I only like half the entry, then the part I like scratches and I'm stuck with a horse I don't like at all in my picks.

Any chance we can also just specify the 1, not the 1a?  Not trying to be too demanding or anything.  ;)