Author Topic: SUPURR SATURDAY ~ 7/10 *** RESULTS *** (Belmont Park)  (Read 153 times)


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SUPURR SATURDAY ~ 7/10 *** RESULTS *** (Belmont Park)
« on: July 11, 2021, 11:40:01 AM »

  Good afternoon and welcome to Supurr Saturday At Belmont Park  🐎
The Feature Event will be “BELMONT BLUES “ = aka Rain Rain Go Away! 😡
                      Mother Nature Must Have Been Listening 👌

Defending Champion  Thunder Cat 🐈‍⬛  Will have 10 tenacious contentious challengers
                                    All trying to prevent a repeat ROAR 🐯

                  The Energetic 11 Are in the gate and ready to rock ‘n’ roll

                                And Awaaaaaaaaaay They Go
        It’s 3 Colts Out for an early lead leaving the Frustrated Fillys  behind

          Raven 🦅 Real Quiet 🤫 + The Energizer Blunny  🐇 Lead The Way

It’s about 5 lengths back to Thunder Cat 🐱 Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃 + Cruzan 🏍
     Another 2 Lengths back Are Digger ♠️ Ruffian 🐆 and Dusty 💨

       Post Time Mike  🐎 +  Roamin 🏎 Trail the field in the early going

                           They’re At The Top Of The Stretch
Things have dramatically changed as it is Real Quiet in total command
    The Energizer  Blunny is just a length behind the leader

Dusty + Thunder Cat are next but not gaining ground yet on the 2 Colts

  Another several lengths back are Raven, Digger + Tiger 🐅 Dancer

                    Far far back Showing no speed yet at all
                 Post Time Mike, Ruffian, Cruzan + Roamin

                                And Down The Stretch They Come

                Real Quiet + Blunny Continue to lead the way
A Frisky Foursome is starting to gain ground on the front runners
Digger,  Dusty, (DC)Thunder Cat and finally Roamin is waking up 😴

    Post Time Mike + Cruzan starting to show signs of life
                  Raven is leg weary and dropping back 😔

                            Tiger 🐅 Dancer is next
And prancing along in another time zone is Ruffian Who apparently
              Has  Left her “Inner Cheetah “ 🐆 Back at the barn 😢

It’s a match race up at the front with Real Quiet 🤫 + The Energizer Bunny 🐰
    It’s a long way back to Digger followed by Dusty, Roamin + Thunder Cat

Suddenly the crowd is on their feet all eyes looking toward the back of the track
      From the clouds like Twin  Lightning Bolts  ⚡️ Tiger 🐅  Dancer + Ruffian 🐆
                2  Flamboyant Fillys Roaring Up The Middle Of The Track

     Tiger Dancer just the length ahead of Ruffian Passing one after another
But can they get there in time when the Colts in front have such a huge lead ? 🙄

                   The answer came quickly and “PurrrrFoundly”
        As the Tiger 🐅 has Roared Resoundingly PAST The 2 Colts! 😱   :OMG:

        Ruffian Not quite as fast is unable to pass Blunny 🐰 + Real Quiet 🤫
                   But still has rebounded radically from Last to 4th! 😳

This closing run by the Tiger 🐅  will definitely go down in the history books
                Reminding longtime fans of Zenyatta and Cryptoclearance

        The Belmont Blues Chased Away Suddenly, Unexpectedly & PurrrFoundly   :OMG:

                                $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$

TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $91.40
          Supurr Saturday Spectacular  Sensational Show Of Speed 😱

BLUNNY 🐇 $88.70
        A Photo  🎥 Reveal of a Bunny 🐰 Whisker takes 2nd 🥈 🤵

REAL QUIET 🤫 $88.10
            A longer nose might’ve helped 😉
                     Catches The Bodacious Bouquet 💐   

RUFFIAN 🐆 $86.70
Proving once again the Renowned Cheetah 🐆 speed not to be denied!
                       From  Another Time Zone to Finish 4th!
                       Off to the Shire to Steal The Precious 💍

                                  ALSO RAN

DIGGER ♠️ $51.20

DUSTY 💨 $42.40

ROAMIN 🏎 $42.10

(DC) THUNDER CAT 🐈‍⬛ $41.50


CRUZAN 🏍 $36.60

RAVEN 🦅 $33.90
Off to Ye Ole Dog 🐕 House 🏡 MilkBone Biscuits & Vegas Showgirls 💃

We bid farewell to Belmont
         Finally seeing some Sun 🌞
                     But our memories will be filled
                                  Of watching an incredible run 😱


                     AND NOT YOUR OWN! 😔 “

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Re: SUPURR SATURDAY ~ 7/10 *** RESULTS *** (Belmont Park)
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2021, 02:37:18 PM »
Congratulations Tiger

You sped like a cheetah
Good job!!
call no man happy till he dies. ~SOLON~

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Re: SUPURR SATURDAY ~ 7/10 *** RESULTS *** (Belmont Park)
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2021, 07:54:36 AM »
Good form Tiger Dancer!!! ;D That was an "Outrageous" burst of speed in the deep stretch!!! :OMG: :happy:

Great call Lady Cat!!! :forruffian: :thanks: Your "Outrageous" move was impressive as well!! :OMG:

Until next time...see ya'll in the Starting Gate!!! 8) :rhrse: