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Handicapping / MIDWEEK MAYHEM 6/9 *** RESULTS *** Canterbury Park
« on: June 10, 2021, 12:16:45 PM »
Tiz Midweek Mayhem Again
The Eager Fans now Await
With No Roamin, RQ, Raven
So Only 7 we see In The Gate 😢

The Track is Canterbury Park
A place not run before
And now we soon will see
Who did their best to score

And Away they go in the Midweek
    3 Fillys all Roar to the Lead
     The other 4 left far behind
Not finding the speed that they need

It’s Ruffian 🐯 Dusty 🌬 Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃
      The other four way in the back
It’s like watching two separate races
  Running on two separate tracks

Three Fillys are so far ahead
But who will the winner yet be
At the end it will take a long photo 🎥
To see who’s the best of all three

At the very last moment just one
Determination really came through
The Roar of the Tiger  🐅 was heard
         Leaving Dusty to be #2 🥈

The “Cheetah” with A Roar of her own
  On most days a sure fire Winner
   But today with Tiger and Dusty
Ruffian has  just Show Place Dinnner 🥉

Here is the order of finish
If you think it’s not right 🤔
Email objections to Ruffian
   But try to do it by night

             $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$
                        A FIERCE FILLY FOURFECTA

{{DC}} TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $210.60
     Tiz The Eye Of The Tiger 🐅
            With winning on her mind
                  Repeating her former victory
                            A 3-Peat Next Week On The Line

DUSTY 💨 $198.80
         Definitely enough to win on any other day
                    But not when A Dancing Tiger 🐅 comes to play

RUFFIAN 🐆 $196.20
            More than enough to win on any normal day
                        But today A Tiger 🐅 caught the Cheetah 🐆 Much to Her Dismay 😢

THUNDER CAT 🐈‍⬛ $49.60
Not a lot of money but enough to Steal The Precious 💍

BLUNNY 🐇 $43.80

DIGGER ♠️ $42

CRUZAN  🏍 $16.40
       Dog 🐕 House 🏡 + Milk Bone 🍖 Biscuits

We bid farewell for now
Next week where shall we be?
Wherever Tiger Dancer takes us
And a BOTS challenge we’ll see

« on: June 10, 2021, 10:07:27 AM »

               Congratulations 🍾 To The Energizer Blunny 🐇  :celebrate:

So here was the order of finish
      Capturing Most of the Money 💰
               And  So far ahead of the rest
                         Hopping to Victory is the Bunny 🐰


BLUNNY 🐇 $113 🏆
       Would’ve definitely defeated the Tortoise 🐢 today! 😉

                               :rhrse:  VENUE = GULFSTREAM PARK   :rhrse:

                                        :lightbulb:    POST TIMES      :lightbulb:
      ET = 12:20
               CT = 11:20
                         MT = 10:20
                                      PT =  9:20

Rules are on the menu
Wise to read them through
Better safe than sorry
To Errrr then see DQ  :'(

« on: June 09, 2021, 11:56:11 AM »

Unfortunately a technical issue has arisen once again  :flaming:

If you do not see your entry appear
email your pics to me and I will post it for you until this issue is resolved  :thumbsup:

Handicapping / MIDWEEK MAYHEM 6/9 @ CANTERBURY PARK (R1–8 Only)
« on: June 07, 2021, 08:06:24 AM »


                       From the Clouds Came the Roar of the Tiger 🐅
                                At the back of the track far away
                         As the Eyes 👀 Of The Tiger 🐅 Took Aim
                            Passing all who stood in her way 😱

                               :rhrse:   VENUE = CANTERBURY PARK  *** R1-8 ONLY ***  :rhrse:   
                                                :lightbulb:   LAST RACES ARE QUARTERHORSES

                                THERE WAS ONLY LIMITED CHOICES OR RUN THURSDAY


                                            :lightbulb:      POST TIMES         :lightbulb:
     6:10 ET
               5:10 CT
                         4:10 MT
                                     3:10 PT

                                           $$$$$ SCOREKEEPER $$$$$

       Preferring to remain in the Cat 🐱 House amidst Catnip + Chippendales 🕺 Is RUFFIAN                 


Handicapping / SUPURR SATURDAY 6/5 *** RESULTS *** (Belmont)
« on: June 06, 2021, 11:58:40 AM »

Tiz Supurr Saturday + Belmont Day
With   A Double Feature Event Treat
The Ruffian Bodacious Birthday 🎂 Bash
Can The Defending Champ “Cheetah”  Repeat  🐆

With the scratch of Catalina
                    We have Eleven in the gate
                             But   Who will be the Fastest
                                       With The Penthouse as their Fate 🏆

And they’re Off in the Ruffian BBB
    With a trio out for the lead
Ruffian 🐆  Tiger 🐅 Dancer and Real Quiet
   All Away with some SupurrSonic  Speed 😮

Stumbling out of the gate is Cruzan
      Seeing far ahead now the rest
With a lot of ground to make up
    He faces one helluva test 😠

Post Time Mike  🐎 and the Raven
               Are starting to pick up their pace
                     But they’ll have to run even faster
                                         If either are hoping to place

   In front of this duo is a trio
Roman 🏎 Thunder Cat 🐈‍ + Ruff 🐆
Trying to catch up to the leaders
The five in front making it tough!

Dusty 💨 Is running in mid-pack
            Looking at the 4 Tails ahead
                   She’s followed these 4 from the start
                                  From the gate this Quartet has led

Real Quiet 🤫 Digger ♠️ Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃
With the Energizer Blunny  🐇 In the lead
These 4 running away with the race
    All Showing exhilarating speed

Suddenly without any warning
     The Energizer Blunny Hopping so Fast 🐇
                             Separating himself from the trio
                                       Their hopes for a victory has passed 😔

The trio neck and neck in a line
Tiger 🐅  Dancer with 2 Colts behind
     Digger and Real Quiet at her tail
But how will they cross over the line?

Tiger 🐅 Dancer with one final Roar 🐯
              The Bridesmaid today she will be 👰‍
                          Digger and Real Quiet in a photo 🎥
                                        To see who will be number three

So here is the order of finish
Capturing Most of the Money 💰
 And  So far ahead of the rest
Hopping to Victory is the Bunny 🐰


BLUNNY 🐇 $113 🏆
       Would’ve definitely defeated the Tortoise 🐢 today! 😉

TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $81.80 👰‍
        Excellent effort gate to wire
                     Bridesmaid of the day

DIGGER ♠️ $77.80
        Catches the Bodacious Bouquet 💐

Misses The Bouquet But Steals The Precious 💍

DUSTY 💨 $68

((DC)) RUFFIAN 🐆 $55.50

THUNDER CAT   🐈‍ $55.30

ROAMIN  $52.70

RAVEN  $46.70


CRUZAN  $23.30
         Hold on to the Dog 🐕 House Key 🔑

We now bid farewell to New York
And Birthday cake 🎂 in the Sun 🌞
Watching a Supurr Fast Bunny 🐰
But most of all just having Fun  😊


Handicapping / MIDWEEK MAYHEM + BOTS 6/2 *** RESULTS *** @ PARX
« on: June 03, 2021, 11:41:08 AM »

Tiz Midweek Mayhem and BOTS
    The Colts vs Fillys for Glory
But who will emerge with the victory
Who’s name will headline the story?

Stumbling out of the starting gate
Ruffian almost down to the ground
    Almost losing her Jockey …
For him, Good Luck 🍀 did abound

      Roamin Seemed very sluggish
Stayed in the back for most of the race
Found some energy nearing the wire
    But still ending up in 7th place

Defending Champion Thunder Cat 🐈‍⬛
       Not up to her usual tricks
Found her best stride near the wire
Winding up disheartened in place Six

    Cruzan Started off slowly
But quickly picked up his pace
   When the race was all over
The Colt found himself in 5th place

Dusty running well from the start
Evenly,     without seeming to tire
Just not enough speed at the end
And now she will head for the Shire  💍

The Energizer Blunny 🐇 in midpack
Quickly gained speed near the Finish
Holding on to catch the Bouquet 💐
Tho his speed never diminished

Digger With the lead from the gate
Looked like a sure fire winner 🏆
But suddenly without any warning
Deprived of Penthouse  Victory Dinner 😔

From the Clouds Came the Roar of the Tiger 🐅
       At the back of the track far away
As the Eyes 👀 Of The Tiger 🐅 Took Aim
     Passing all who stood in her way 😱

This was truly a Breathtaking PurrrrFormance!
       Acceleration Beyond imagination
           Digger left totally in shock
    By a Tiger 🐅 run beyond expectation

     “ Rising up,       back on the Track
Took Her time,   Then took Her chances
Went the distance,    so fast on her feet
     Just a Filly and Her will to survive

     Then Quickly it happened so fast
   Exchanging  her passion for glory
She must fight just to keep hope alive
The Eyes Of The Tiger = The Story

          It's the Eyes of the Tiger 🐅
           It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of Her rivals
        And the last known survivor
   Stalks her prey out on the Track
As She’s Watching them all up ahead
    With the Eyes 👀  Of The Tiger 🐅

        Face to face,  out on the Track
    Hanging tough,    staying hungry
They stack the odds ' til they take to the Track
   With the the skill + the will to survive
And She's watching them all with the 👀 of the Tiger 🐅

                        $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$

TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $224.60 😱  🏆  :celebrate:
          ***** New 2021 Caixa Eletronica Track Record *****
                            BOTS GLORY TO THE FILLYS

DIGGER ♠️ $73.80 🤵‍♂️
        Excellent Effort Gate To Wire    + A Winning Run On Most Days

BLUNNY  🐇 $60.50
            Catches the Bodacious Bouquet 💐

DUSTY 💨 $48.10
Heads to the Shire to Steal The Precious 💍

CRUZAN 🏍 $47
(( DC)) THUNDER CAT 🐈‍⬛ $40.90

ROAMIN 🏎 $29.50

RUFFIAN 🐯 $22.40
Preferring to remain in the Cat 🐱 House amidst Catnip + Chippendales 🕺

We bid you farewell from Pennsylvania
See you next week when we’re back
Never quite sure where that may be
Till Tiger 🐅 Dancer chooses the track



« on: June 02, 2021, 10:37:27 AM »

                                      CONGRATULATIONS 🏆 TO RUFFIAN  :celebrate:
                    The Frisky Filly Brought Her Inner Cheetah 🐆 To Run Away With The Day
                                      Reminding everyone just how fast A Cheetah 🐆 is!

                   The day belongs to the “ Cheetah” 🐆
                                     Out of the gate she did Roar 🐯
                                              Destroying all competition early
                                                     To The Penthouse She Opened The Door 🏆

                                             :rhrse:      VENUE      :rhrse:
 Unless you’re snoozin under a rock you know exactly where we’re going to be today! =  BELMONT 🙄   

                 :celebrate:     FEATURE EVENT = THE RUFFIAN BODACIOUS BIRTHDAY 🎂 BASH   :celebrate:

                                                                :lightbulb:  POST TIMES    :lightbulb:
ET = 11:35 🌊
                 CT = 10:35 🌽
                                 MT = 9:35 ⛰
                                                    PT = 8:35 🌊

The rules are on the menu
        Wise to read them through
                   Better safe than sorry 😣
                              Then Errr + See 👀 DQ 😢


Handicapping / SUPURR SATURDAY 5/29 *RESULTS * (Churchill Downs)
« on: May 30, 2021, 12:55:03 PM »

Tiz Supurr Saturday At Churchill
With 10 in the starting gate
No Raven 🦅 or Catalina 🐈‍⬛
Who got to the track too late 😢

Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃 Was slow to get started
      She stalled coming out of the gate
             She yielded a lot of distance
The Cat 🐈‍⬛ House would then be her Fate 🙄

Post Time Mike stumbled badly 🐎
Bad luck for the Colt at this time 😠
Never regain his composure
Finished the race number nine

Defending Champion Real Quiet 🤫
Discovered later on = Threw A Shoe
He never caught up to the rest
And the repeat victory did lose 😢

Cruzan started off strongly 🏍
But faded + tired Halfway through
Then Finishing the race in seventh
Was the best that this Colt could do 😔

Roamin Left the gate like a race car 🏎
But his speed diminished from Fast
Came up empty in the rest of the race
      Finishing 4th from The Last

Digger ♠️ Started off rather slowly
Then Made a big move to survive
But sadly he jumped a big shadow
  Finishing the race in place five

The Energizer Blunny 🐇 Hopping Well
        Off to the Shire he will be
    Going to Steal The Precious 💍
    But Not fast enough to be #3

Catching the Bouquet 💐 will be Dusty
      So close to being in 2nd Place
  From the gate to the Finish Line
  The Filly Ran one Hellava Race! 👏

The Bridesmaid 👰‍♀️ Came very close
  Only a length behind the winner
    Thunder Cat 🐱  gave it her all
 Just missing out victory dinner 😔

But the day belongs to the “ Cheetah” 🐆
       Out of the gate she did Roar 🐯
      Destroying all competition early
To The Penthouse She Opened The Door 🏆

Win - Place And Show to the Fillys
  Leaving the Colts in their Wake
The Bunny 🐰 Stealing The Precious 💍
Was the Best that the Colts runs could make

So here is the order of finish
     But If you think it’s not right
             Notify the Cheetah 🐆  in charge
                           By email …. no later than Night ✨

RUFFIAN  🐆 $76    :celebrate:
         Living up to her “Feline”  Cheetah reputation as the Fastest
                 Gate to wire energy never being caught

THUNDER CAT 🐱 $74.20 👰‍♀️
                   So close to victory 😔
                           Just not as fast as a Cheetah 🐆

DUSTY 🌬 $72.80
          Almost a Bridesmaid
                   Catching The Bodacious Bouquet 💐

BLUNNY 🐇 $60.30
                 Once again heading to the Shire
             His favorite home away from home 🧙‍♀️
                        To Steal The Precious 💍

DIGGER ♠️ $42.70

ROAMIN  🏎 $41.20

CRUZAN 🏍 $38.80

((DC)) REAL QUIET 🤫 $28.20


TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $15.20
          Savoring a Catnip Meow 😸 Mix Buffet
              And Tiger 🐅 dancing 💃 with the Chippendale’s

We bid farewell to Churchill Downs
        With congratulations to the “Ruff One”
                The rest of the field tried their best
                       But today she just was the Tuff One  🥇

Handicapping / MIDWEEK MAYHEM + BOTS 6/2 @ PARX
« on: May 30, 2021, 11:56:30 AM »

Congratulations to Thunder Cat 🐈‍⬛
Leading the way from the gate
         Hitting the wire as Winner 🏆
              Thunder Cat 🐱 on Catnip will dine
                          Celebrating with A Penthouse dinner 🐟

                                          VENUE CHOICE = PARX

                      FEATURE EVENT = BOTS = BATTLE OF THE SEXES


                                               POST TIMES
ET = 12:55 🌊
                   CT = 11:55 🌽
                                      MT = 10:55 ⛰
                                                           PT =   9:55 🌊

                                        $$$$$ SCOREKEEPER $$$$$
In the CAT HOUSE wallowing in mega doses of Catnip + Anchovy Buffet is RUFFIAN
                    Calculator In Paws 🐾 🐾 Ready To Roar 🐯 Results

Rules are on the menu
         Wise to read them through
                  Better safe than sorry
                           Then Errr + See 👀 DQ 😢


Handicapping / MIDWEEK MAYHEM 5/26 *** RESULTS *** (Evangeline)
« on: May 27, 2021, 11:39:15 AM »

Tiz Midweek Mayhem Again
     With Raven 🦅 and Real Quiet 🤫 out
                         8 Found Their Way to the gate
                                        Now let’s discover their fate

It didn’t start out well for  Ruffian 😢
                   Cruzan and Tiger as well 😔
                       Roamin and Dusty in mid pack
                            Not much of their story to tell 🙄

Dusty found her way to The Precious 💍
    But, It wasn’t a big money day
    Digger missed out on second 😡
And caught the Bodacious Bouquet 💐

Hitting the wire in Second
           With just $1.30 more Money 💰
                   Not even Close to the Winner
                                   We see the Energizer Blunny 🐇

Leading the way from the gate
         Hitting the wire as Winner 🏆
              Thunder Cat 🐱 on Catnip will dine
                          Celebrating with A Penthouse dinner 🐟

So here is the order of finish
          If you think it’s  not right
                 Let the “Cheetah in Charge”
                        Hear your objections tonight
                                  {Email only}

THUNDER CAT 🐈 $63.70 🏆
      Gate To Wire Roar 🐯

BLUNNY 🐇 $52.90
        BridesMan  🤵 Of the day

DIGGER ♠️ $51.60
         Catches The Bodacious Bouquet 💐

DUSTY 💨 $39.40
          Steals The Precious 💍

Roamin 🏎 $36.20

((DC)) 👑 TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $27

Cruzan 🏍 $23.60

Ruffian 🐯 $23.20
         Catnip and Chippendale’s in Cat 🐈 House

We bid farewell to Evangeline 👋
         See you next week who knows where
                        Wherever Thunder Cat 🐱 takes us
                                                    Hoping you all will be there 👌

« on: May 27, 2021, 08:53:52 AM »

                            Congratulations to Real Quiet 🤫  :oie_30232359NUVsTmH4:
                  Who was anything but quiet as he roared to a Victory Gallop 😉

At the finish line all by himself
             Leading the race from the break
                          Real Quiet 🤫 impressively fast
                                          Leaving the rest in his Wake!

                                       :rhrse:  VENUE = CHURCHILL DOWNS    :rhrse:

                                 FEATURE EVENT = MEMORIAL DAY MEMORIES
                                      Remembering the significance of the day

                                      :lightbulb:  POST TIMES   :lightbulb:
ET = 12:45      🌊
                    CT = 11:45      🌽
                                        MT = 10:45    ⛰
                                                              PT =    9:45     🌊

Rules are on the menu
Wise to read them through
Better safe than sorry 😐
Then Errr and See peep 👀 DQ 😲

« on: May 24, 2021, 10:47:51 AM »

                       Congratulations to the Dancing 💃 Tiger 🐅  :celebrate:
                  Destroying the competition with a mighty Roar 🐯
                     She will be on The Prowl to Roar 🐅  again at....

                                :rhrse:   VENUE:    EVANGELINE DOWNS       :rhrse:

                                          :lightbulb:  POST TIMES:    :lightbulb:
              6:50 ET    🌊
                          5:50 CT      🌽
                                        4:50 MT ⛰
                                                        3:50 PT  🌊

                                     $$$$$ SCOREKEEPER $$$$$

                        Remaining Ye Ole Dog 🐕 House is Cruzan
                     Milk bone 🍖 biscuits And Las Vegas showgirls 💃
                        Too much of an incentive for him to leave  ;)

                  IF Cruzan Is Unable To Calculate    :mallet:
                                    Ruffian Will Roar In To Relate Results   :oie_30232359NUVsTmH4:

Rules are  on the menu
       Wise to read them through
                        Better safe than sorry 😐
                                      Then Errr and See 👀 DQ 😢   :'(


                                Welcome To Supurr Saturday
                         Where A Dozen Have Come Out To Run
                              5 Came with Running shoes on
                              7 Came Just For The Fun 😊

As soon as the starting gate opened
               2 Colts burst Out super fast
                         But with a long way to go
                                 Can  their Supurr speed even last? 🙄

Real Quiet  🤫  + Cruzan 🏍 way ahead
But The Energizer Bunny 🐰 on his way
      He’s catching up to the leaders
         His Energy So high today

Roamin 🏎 + Thunder Cat 🐱 are next
            Far behind .............. but in a long race
                                   Anything can & does happen
                                          Who knows where this duo may place   :-\

Dusty 💨  behind the front five
Tiger 🐅 Dancer + Digger are next
  The 4 who are so far behind
Running much slower than the rest

 Far at the back from the start
       Catalina, Post Time Mike + Ruff
                    Raven just struggling along
                                 Finding this track very tough 😔

At the top of the stretch things have changed
        Real Quiet 🤫 alone on the lead
         Now So far ahead of the rest
    Who are not finding speed that they need

And down the stretch here they come
              Real Quiet 🤫 leading the way
                     Cruzan, Blunny & Thunder Cat
                                    Dusty now Making her play

The rest of the field 7 Snails 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌
  Roamin ... Digger ... Catalina + Ruff
    Tiger 🐅 Dancer, PTM + Raven 🦅
    Finding this track way too Tuff!

At the finish line all by himself
       Leading the race from the break
                 Real Quiet 🤫 impressively fast
                           Leaving the rest in his Wake!

    A photo for second is so close
Dusty, Cruzan Thunder Cat, Blunny
         Stewards taking so long
To see who gets most of the money 💰

So here is the order of finish
     Five of the 12 running away
            Seven will go back in training
                  To improve on their effort today

                                        $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$
                          *** Report objections to the Cat 🐱 in charge via email ***

        Gate to wire Glory 🏆

DUSTY 💨 $76.70
       Impressive closing Run 👰

CRUZAN 🏍 $74.80
       Catches The Bodacious Bouquet 💐

BLUNNY 🐇 $73.70
           Back to the Shire once again 😲
                                    To Steal The Precious 💍

THUNDER CAT 🐈 $70.40

ROAMIN 🏎 $49.50

DIGGER ♠️ $33.70

CATALINA 🐱 $22.50

{{DC}} TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $17.20



RAVEN 🦅 $4.80

We bid farewell to Belmont 👋
        A reminder to wear your mask 😷
                          Tiz better safe than sorry 😐
                                      Common sense is all we ask 👌


                        RESULTS PRESENTED BY:  THE ENERGIZER BLUNNY  :celebrate:

Looking forward to calling the feature race.
"The Opelousa Zydeco and Perfectly Seasoned Gator Hunt Celebration"

Dusty defending Champ

Justin Wilson always puts out a nice spread for the Stewards and Race Callers.
My favorites are Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya and Crawfish and Potato Bisque.

During the racing I like to munch on Alligator Medallions
        and finish the day off with Coconut-Pineapple cake.

Looking out onto the track I see it is sloppy
with pools of water scattered all over the racing surface.

The infield is a lake with heads of Gators peeking their heads out of the water.

The early races have concluded with out incidents and the Gator population
        seems to have increased and edged closer to the track.

The track has employed Troy Landry and his Swamp People
       to keep the Gators in check.

Lassos can only be used since some are Mascots
for some Louisiana sport teams a few wrestling venues.

The horse are led to the starting gate unmanageable and fractious
cause they can smell the Gators and hear their roar.

The horses snort with fear, jockeys scrap the sweat from their hides.
All jockeys are wearing adult diapers, no explanation needed.

My Bi-nocs pick up the loading with most reluctant to load.      Gates a rocking,
          jockeys are blessing themselves, one is carrying a rosary,
                 another is on a cell phone calling loved ones.

Gates open and with quarter horse speed all splish, splash away
      giving the starters a bath as they exit the gate.

At the 2f pole, Cruzan and Roamin led the pack with Digger
    and the battery packed Bunny close behind.

Ruffian, Thunder Cat and Dusty are hugging the outer rail looking for
     a break  in the fence so they can head for the Casino.

Gators heads follow the action and slowly move to the edge of the lake.

 Swamp People alert for hostile movement.

4f pole finds the Bunny hopping over the slop as if riding a Swamp Buggy.
     Tiger Dancer Digger and Roam water skiing behind the Buggy.

        Thunder Cat, Dusty and Cruzan are wearing Camo
trying not to be noticed by the Gators  as they trail the herd.

The Gators are eyeing Ruffian  as she seems to be mired in the mud.

3/4 pole with 1/4 to go, the Rabbit, Thunder Cat and Digger
head to the top of the  stretch away from the inner rail.

The stragglers have transformed their whips into tranquillizer guns
seeing the advancement of the Gators to the top of the stretch.

The Swamp People are holding of all but 2 who advance to the inner rail.

I have decided Alligator Medallions are not appropriate food at the moment.

One Gator has crossed the grandstand toward the stairs
going to the officials boxes.

I hope he doesn't think I have been munching on a cousin.
      He decided to trust his luck in the Casino.

A Gator has latched onto Tiger Dancers Tail
and she sprints in fear to the finish line.

The Bunny not wanting to become Gator meat also
with Dusty and Thunder Cat form a close pack to the finish line.

Tiger lets a shrill roar of fear while crossing the finish line first
with the Gator still locked onto her tail.

The Bunny with a Electrode whip leaps onto the Gator turning him
into Grilled Gator meat and finishing second.

The Bunny is a hero in the eyes of the Tiger with promises of REWARDS later.

Dusty edges Thunder Cat in a photo
and they head to the barn for a much deserved rub down.

Digger, Roamin  and Ruffian surrounded by the Swamp
People head to the Stewards room followed by a dozen Gators.

They want to know how they can justify
running such a dangerous race for their pleasure, since there are no fans.

They will now become the Gator Menu, Stewards Sushi.

Never met a Steward I liked.

Poor Cruz, you know what  they say about the slow, you become Gator meat.

In your memory we had a New Orleans style funeral,
with Marching Band and Mourners  on Bourbon St.

S'il te plait entre sui

BOTS won by Tiger for Fillys Glory  :celebrate:

Tiger Dancer   $ 55.70
Blunny            $ 40.80
Dusty             $  39.30
Thunder Cat    $  39.20
Roamin           $ 37.20
Digger             $ 36.50
Ruffian            $  25.40
Cruzan            $  17.80

« on: May 20, 2021, 12:42:46 PM »

                  Congratulations   🏆 🎈 🍾 Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃

The photo result was quite clear
       No doubt of  the Roaring Winner 🐯
              Tiger 🐅 Dancer by a length and a half
                          Will Dine On Fine Penthouse Dinner    :thumbsup:

                                       :rhrse:   VENUE = BELMONT PARK     :rhrse:

                                                         :lightbulb:     POST TIMES       :lightbulb:
ET = 1:00  PM  🕐
                 CT = Noon 🕛
                          MT = 11:00 🕚
                                    PT = 10:00 🕙

               WISE TO READ EM THRU 👌
                          BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY 😐
                                          THEN ERRRR + SEE 👀 DQ 😢

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