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Title: MIDWEEK MAYHEM - 9/22 * RESULTS * ( Remington Park)
Post by: RUFFIAN on September 23, 2021, 12:50:32 PM

Good afternoon and welcome to Remington Park
Our Feature Event Will Be MIDWEEK MAYHEM

        With Scratches Of Real Quiet + Roamin
Defending Champion Cruzan Will Have 7 Competitive Challengers
       Trying to prevent another repeat Victory Gallop 🏇

              The Energetic 8 Are In The Gate Ready To Run
                  And Away They Go In The Midweek Mayhem

           Roamin, Dusty + Blunny away with A short early lead
                    Followed closely by the Energizer Blunny 🐰
                                     Out Of The Turn They Come

                        It is now Roamin a length in front of Blunny

        Itís a long way back to Dusty followed by Cruzan
          Even farther back are Thunder Cat and Digger

Meandering along in a world of their own ~ The Tiger 🐅 + Cheetah 🐆
Tiger Dancer and Ruffian Showing no signs of interest or speed yet

                                Theyíre At The Top Of The Stretch

           Roamin Continues to show the way now alone on the lead
Blunny did not handle the turn well - losing momentum and dropping back
                           But still far ahead of the rest of the runners

                                      And Down The Stretch They Come

Roamin remains in front having everything go his way

Suddenly the crowd is on their feet screaming like Banshees
      The Reason for the outcry is Due to Ruffian + Dusty

The 2 Frisky Fillys Finding Their Freakishly Fast Mojo
        Are passing everybody in front with every stride they take

Ruffian and Dusty now overtaking Roamin lead the way
      Blunny is several lengths behind Roamin

Itís a long way back to defending champion Cruzan
Who sees his repeat chances disappearing in the distance

Even farther back a trio of Digger, Thunder Cat, Tiger Dancer
With no chance of any money going to the bank today

            With one final Display Of Supersonic Speed ~
               Ruffian has left Dusty in her mighty wake
Releasing Her Inner Cheetah 🐆 To reach the Wire Alone By Daylight

                     Roamin much the best of the rest is next
The Energizer Blunny will once again Hop to The Shire To Steal The Precious 💍

       Ruffian Must have discovered something special in her Catnip
   Winning Supurr Saturday + Midweek Mayhem In The Same Week! 😱

                        $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$

RUFFIAN  🐆 $91.80  :celebrate:
           The early Purrr turning into A Mighty Roar 🐯

DUSTY 🌪 $76.70
           Impressive closing kick from far back to be the Bridesmaid  👰‍♀️

ROAMIN 🏎 $73.90
                   Super speed in the first half
But  losing momentum to Catch The Bodacious Bouquet 💐

BLUNNY 🐇 $56.90
Itís amazing how often this Colt Visits The Shire To Steal The Precious  💍

((DC)) CRUZAN 🏍 $41.80

DIGGER  ♠️ $34


TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $17.30
Not a lot of money but enough to buy her the Key 🔑 to the Cat 🐱 House 🏡
                   Where Catnip, Meow Mix + Chippendales Await
                         The Male Dancers 🕺 NOT The Rodents 🐁

We now bid farewell to Remington Park
      We hope you enjoyed the show
See you again next Midweek Mayhem
   Wherever Ruffian Chooses To Go

Title: Re: MIDWEEK MAYHEM - 9/22 * RESULTS * ( Remington Park)
Post by: Dusty on September 24, 2021, 04:16:12 PM
Congrats to RUFFF!!!