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Post by: RUFFIAN on August 15, 2021, 11:22:38 AM

Good afternoon and welcome to Supurr Saturday At Arlington

Our Feature Event will be = ďA FOND FAREWELL ď
            As Arlington Closes Its Barn Doors 😢

              With the scratch of the Raven and Catalina on R+R
Defending champion, Real Quiet Will have nine capable challengers
        All trying to prevent another romp  to the winners circle 🏆

        The Tenacious 10 are in the gate and ready to rock Ďní roll

Itís a Filly Duo Out for an early lead
        Ruffian  🐆  + Thunder Cat 🐱
              Heading into the turn
With Tiger Dancer and Digger right on their tails

Out of the turn they come and it is Thunder Cat alone on the lead now
Tiger Dancer has moved into second with Digger a half length back

Ruffian did not handle the turn well and dropping back to 3rd

The Energizer Blunny  🐰 Is next followed by Real Quiet 🤫

               Itís a long way back to the rest of the field
                Post Time Mike, Cruzan, Roamin + Dusty

                                        AT THE TOP OF THE STRETCH
        The race has turned into a three-way battle of the trio in front
                                   Thunder Cat, Tiger Dancer, Digger

                     10 lengths back are Blunny, Ruffian, Real Quiet 🤫

Post Time Mike is next with another gap back to Cruzan, Roamin, and Dusty

                                AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME

Thunder Cat beginning to separate herself from Tiger Dancer and Digger
                                    Turning up her power and speed

     Tiger Dancer is roaring strongly enough to stay ahead of Digger

The rest of the field are not gaining any ground so there are two battles going on
                One is between Tiger Dancer and Digger for 2nd place
               The other is between Blunny + Ruffian for The Precious  💍

      At the wire there is no doubt who is the Queen 👸  of the day
    Thunder Cat 🐱 With a wire to wire Purrrrfound Purrrformance

                   Tiger 🐅 Dancer clearly the Bridesmaid of the day 👰‍♀️
                        Digger Catches the Bodacious Bouquet 💐
The Energizer Blunny  🐇 by A Bunny Whisker Steals The Precious  💍

                                   $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$

THUNDER CAT 🐈‍⬛ $67.20 🏆
       Wire to wire Wonderful

TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $59.20 👰
Bodacious Bridesmaid  with a determined final furlong Resolute Roar 🐯

DIGGER ♠️ $51.90 💐
Tried his best to catch the Tiger 🐅

BLUNNY  🐇 $38
Just enough hopping power to hold off The Cheetah 🐆
               And Steal The Precious  💍

RUFFIAN 🐆 $36.40

(DC) REAL QUIET 🤫 $30.90

POST TIME MIKE  🐎 $23.80

CRUZAN 🏍 $18.80

ROAMIN 🏎 $18

DUSTY 💨 $4.50
Heads to the CAT HOUSE for Catnip and Chippendaleís
           The Male Dancers  🕺 = Not The Rodents 🐁

We bid farewell to Arlington
    As all is said and done
Itís sad to see them close the doors
    Where never again to run 😢

Post by: Real Quiet on August 16, 2021, 05:36:56 AM
Nicely played Thunder Cat :forruffian:
Post by: PostTimeMike on August 17, 2021, 12:52:18 PM
Good Arlington Finale form Thunder Cat!!! ;D

With TURF being my preferred racing surface, watching the races on Saturday was a bittersweet experience!!! :(

The Arlington Million was one of my favorite races mainly because of the initial race champion - John Henry!!!!


Other favorite winners - The Tin Man / Jambalaya (with Robby A. on board) / Gio Ponti / Little Mike / The Pizza Man / Bricks and Mortar!! :happy:

Shoulda Woulda Coulda with this years pick for me!!! :OMG: Went with the wrong English Channel entry (Bizzee Channel - Mizzen Mast connection) over Two Emmy's!!! :headshake:

Sad to see this Classic go!!! :'(

But the wonderful memories of races past...

"Make Me Smile"


"Now I need you
More than ever
No more crying
We're together
Tell me, you will stay
Make me smile..."

Another outstanding call Lady Cat!!! :forruffian: :thanks:

Until next time...see ya'll in the Starting Gate!!! 8) :rhrse: