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Title: MIDWEEK MAYHEM + BOTS 7/7 * RESULTS * ( Indiana Grand)
Post by: RUFFIAN on July 08, 2021, 11:36:51 AM

            Good Afternoon + Welcome To
Midweek Mayhem At Indiana Grand racetrack

Our Feature Event is BOTS
The Battle Of The Sexes

Fierce Flamboyant Fillys vs: Courageous Contentious Colts

Defending Champion Tiger 🐅 Dancer 💃
Will have seven capable challengers trying to prevent a repeat ROAR 🐯

              The excited energetic eight are in the gate
              And Away They Go in the BOTS Challenge

It’s 2 Quick Colts Away with a short early lead
Digger ♠️ and The Energizer Blunny  🐇 followed closely By
      Tiger 🐅 Dancer and Thunder Cat 🐈‍⬛

The rest of the fields have not begun to find their best Stride yet

                       They’re At the top of the stretch

Things have dramatically changed after Digger jumped a shadow
Almost clipping heels with Blunny causing both colds to lose momentum

It is now 2 Fillys  in control of the lead
Thunder Cat 🐱 and Tiger 🐅 Dancer in command

It’s about 4 lengths back to Roamin 🏎 Ruffian  🐆 + Digger ♠️

There’s another gap back to the Not-So-Energized Blunny  🐰

And if you have binoculars you can look back and see 👀
           Dusty 💨 + Cruzan 🏍 Meandering Along
         Without a care in the world about the race 🙄

                 And Down The Stretch They Come

                 It’s A 2-Horse Filly Fight To The Wire
Thunder Cat 🐱 And Tiger 🐅 Dancer Neck + neck ~ stride for stride

       Thunder Cat 🐱 who’s hotter than a hot tamale 🫔 lately
Tiger 🐅 Dancer desperately trying to reproduce her last Roar of Victory

Roamin + Ruffian all out Trying to catch the two frisky Fillys in Front

Digger has regained his composure
              and is right there at Ruffian’s Tail
                           hoping to get a piece of the purse 👜 💰

But all Eyes 👀 are at the front as Thunder Cat and Tiger Dancer nearing the wire

With a dramatic desperate drive it is Thunder Cat with one final Flourish to Win 🏆

Tiger Dancer just missing out by Wild Wilting Whisker ~ Repeat Glory Gone 😢

Roamin & Ruffian In a photo finish for the Bodacious Bouquet 💐
                                      Or The Precious diamond 💍

                                     BOTS GLORY TO THE FILLYS 🏆

                       $$$$$ OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISH $$$$$

THUNDER CAT 🐈‍⬛ $81.40 🏆
     This Fierce Filly On Fire 🔥 Lately!

((DC)) TIGER 🐅 DANCER 💃 $74.10
             When The Bridesmaids Gown Is Wet With Tears 😢

ROAMIN 🏎 $69.90
         Just escaping the bite of the Cheetah 🐆 Catches the bouquet 💐

RUFFIAN 🐆 $67.80
       Fiercely Frustrated + Heading To The Consolation Catnip  🐱 🍃

DIGGER ♠️ $66.10

BLUNNY 🐇 $48

DUSTY 💨 $23

CRUZAN 🏍 $17.20
Off To The Dog 🐕 House 🏡
MilkBone Biscuits + Vegas Showgirls 💃

So there are the final totals
But if you think they’re not right
Contact the Cheetah 🐆 in charge
But try to do it by night 🌚 🌟  🌝  🌙 🌟